The November Nethack Tournament


general information
clan The Splendor Of Yendor
total games 9
games ascended 2
games over 1000 turns 8
games scummed 0
ascension ratio 22.22%
Z-score 2.00
distinct achievements 128
unique deaths 7
donations 7
Both Genders
Never Scum a Game


name character turns score duration endtime conducts
unit327 Tou-Hum-Mal-Neu 42976 2412368 7 days, 0:32:11 Nov. 19, 2022, 4:59 a.m. 3 self artw surv
unit327 Val-Dwa-Fem-Law 26526 1973626 7 days, 2:47:15 Nov. 9, 2022, 10:38 a.m. 5 pile self artw elbe surv


name character turns score duration endtime death reason
unit327 Cav-Dwa-Fem-Law 2058 530 0:34:02 Nov. 24, 2022, 10:53 a.m. killed by Yeenoghu
unit327 Cav-Dwa-Fem-Law 24383 139496 1 day, 8:45:20 Nov. 22, 2022, 11 a.m. killed by the invisible Chromatic Dragon
unit327 Cav-Dwa-Fem-Law 893 329 0:07:24 Nov. 21, 2022, 1:04 a.m. killed by a housecat called Mr Norrell
unit327 Cav-Dwa-Fem-Law 3836 2116 0:39:03 Nov. 21, 2022, 12:56 a.m. killed by an ape
unit327 Cav-Dwa-Mal-Law 9466 22076 1 day, 16:42:56 Nov. 21, 2022, 12:16 a.m. killed by a leocrotta
unit327 Tou-Hum-Mal-Neu 42976 2412368 7 days, 0:32:11 Nov. 19, 2022, 4:59 a.m. ascended
unit327 Tou-Hum-Mal-Neu 2342 202 0:14:33 Nov. 12, 2022, 4:26 a.m. killed by a coyote
unit327 Tou-Hum-Mal-Neu 10202 7950 1 day, 18:38:11 Nov. 12, 2022, 4:08 a.m. killed by a blast of frost
unit327 Val-Dwa-Fem-Law 26526 1973626 7 days, 2:47:15 Nov. 9, 2022, 10:38 a.m. ascended


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ID Achievement Description
#V01 Ringing in My Ears Get the Bell of Opening
#V02 We Need To Go Deeper Enter Gehennom
#V03 Emerging Into the Light Get the Candelabrum of Invocation
#V04 Weighing of the Heart Get the Book of the Dead
#V05 Bell, Book and Candle Perform the invocation ritual
#V06 My Preciousss Get the Amulet of Yendor
#V07 From the Dungeon they Came Enter the Elemental Planes
#V08 The Halls of the Gods Enter the Astral Plane
#V09 Are You Feeling Lucky Get the luckstone from Mines' End
#V10 Boulder Pusher Finish Sokoban
#V11 Anti-Stoner Kill Medusa
#001 Back to Civilisation Step onto the Minetown altar
#002 Sage Advice Consult the Oracle
#003 The Archetypal Hero Get admitted to the Quest
#004 Musical Mastermind Learn the passtune
#005 Orpheus Activate a drawbridge with the passtune
#006 Have Fun Storming the Castle Blow up the Castle drawbridge
#007 The Chosen One Get crowned
#008 Watch Your Footing Step onto the vibrating square
#009 It's Dangerous To Go Alone! Take This Put an item into a swap chest
#010 The True Dungeon Masters Chat with an active devteam member
#011 There Is No Spoon Finish the task the devteam requires of you
#012 Thunderdome Defeat the NPC from the NPC Deathmatch quest
#013 Asmodead Kill Asmodeus
#014 Baalzebust Kill Baalzebub
#015 Orcrushed Kill Orcus
#016 Juibl-X Kill Juiblex
#017 Demogorgone Kill Demogorgon
#018 Yee-No-Go Kill Yeenoghu
#019 Geryon-Be-Gone Kill Geryon
#020 Dispater-Dispatcher Kill Dispater
#021 Conqueror of Death Kill Death
#022 Curer of Pestilence Kill Pestilence
#023 Feeder of Famine Kill Famine
#024 Why Won't You DIE Already Kill the Wizard of Yendor 20 or more times
#025 Double Whammy Kill the Wizard of Yendor twice in one action
#026 Actual Perseus Kill Medusa with physical damage
#027 Actual Actual Perseus Decapitate Medusa
#028 I Did It For The Money Kill Croesus
#029 Holy War Kill a priest of Moloch
#030 Nine for Mortal Men Doomed to Die ... Again Collect all nine Nazgul rings
#031 Furious Kill all three erinyes
#032 Minetown Avenger Kill every orc in Orctown
#033 All Clear Kill all hostiles in the Big Room
#034 Master of the Four Elementals Kill at least 4 elementals on their respective home planes
#035 Kill it Twice Destroy a ghost
#036 Dragonslayer Kill a dragon
#037 Kill the Rainbow Kill every color of adult dragon
#038 Kill the Rainbow, Jr. Kill every color of baby dragon
#039 Playerbanebane Kill a soldier ant
#040 How Much Wood? Kill or tame a woodchuck
#041 Storm the Gates of Heaven Kill an Archon
#042 Minesflayer Kill a mind flayer or master mind flayer in the Gnomish Mines
#043 Quadruple Kill Kill 4 monsters with a single volley of missiles
#044 Death onna Stick Kill a member of 25 different monster species
#045 Bring out your Dead Kill a member of 50 different monster species
#046 Diverse Death-Dealer Kill a member of 100 different monster species
#047 Grim Reaper Kill a member of 200 different monster species
#048 Gotta Kill 'em All Kill a member of all eligible monster species
#049 Learn the Alphabet Kill a monster of each class from a to z
#050 LEARN THE ALPHABET Kill a monster of each class from A to Z (except I)
#051 What It Was Made For Kill an appropriate monster with a Bane weapon
#052 Kop Training Program Kill a monster with a rubber hose
#053 Buffy Destroy an undead with #turn
#054 Bright Light, Bright Light Kill a gremlin with any light source
#055 Get Your Gas Mask Kill a monster with a stinking cloud
#056 It's The Pits Kill something while you are stuck in a pit
#057 Never Saw It Coming Kill an invisible monster without see invisible
#058 Rope-a-Dope Kill a monster with a thrown aklys
#059 Hulk Smash Kill a monster with a heavy iron ball
#060 DIRGE Instakill a monster with poison
#061 Poseidon Kill a sea monster with a trident
#062 Touch It With A 10 Foot Pole Kill a floating eye with a polearm
#063 Bar Brawler Kill a monster with HP damage by smashing a bottle on it
#064 Rat Tail Kill a monster with a wet towel
#065 Hammer of the Gods Kill a monster by throwing Mjollnir and having it return to your hand
#066 Friendly Fire Get one hostile monster killed by another's projectile weapon
#067 Hoist With Its Own Petard Have a monster kill itself with its own wand zap
#068 Purple Rain Get at least 20 enemies eaten by purple worms on the Astral Plane
#069 Off With Her Head! Decapitate an enemy with Vorpal Blade
#070 It's 4:20 Somewhere Stone a monster
#071 On Thin Ice Drown a monster by melting the ice beneath it
#072 Some Nemesis You Are Kill your quest nemesis without them getting a move
#073 Faster than Light Kill a "y" monster in melee without it exploding
#074 Part-time Statue Cure stoning
#075 The Blob Cure sliming
#076 Captain Ahab Survive being grabbed by a sea monster
#077 Furry Little Problem Cure lycanthropy
#078 New Lease on Life Cure deathly illness
#079 Diamond in the Rough Identify a gem with a touchstone
#080 Curse the Darkness Identify a potion of oil by applying it
#081 Michelin Guide Identify both sources of food detection
#082 Jeweler Identify all rings
#083 Mikado Identify all wands
#084 King of Bling Identify all amulets
#085 Bookworm Identify all spellbooks
#086 Scholar Identify all scrolls
#087 Alchemist Identify all potions
#088 Fashionista Identify all non-obvious cloaks, helms, boots, and gloves
#089 Mineralogist Identify every type of valuable gemstone
#090 Geologist Identify all gray stones
#091 Glass Menagerie Identify all worthless glass
#092 Friends Not Food Receive the Quest with vegetarian conduct intact
#093 Animal Rights Activist Receive the Quest with vegan conduct intact
#094 Anti Gulp Receive the Quest with foodless conduct intact
#095 No Help from Above Receive the Quest with atheist conduct intact
#096 Wax On Wax Off Receive the Quest with weaponless conduct intact
#097 Thou Shalt Not Kill Receive the Quest with pacifist conduct intact
#098 Me No Do Words Good Receive the Quest with illiterate conduct intact
#099 Lost My Transmutation License Receive the Quest with polypileless conduct intact
#100 True to Form Receive the Quest with polyselfless conduct intact
#101 Self Sufficient Receive the Quest with wishless conduct intact
#102 Leave the Artifacts to the Gods Receive the Quest with artifact wishless conduct intact
#103 Feeling Your Way Receive the Quest with zen (permablind) conduct intact
#104 Going Commando Receive the Quest with nudist conduct intact
#105 Make Love, Not War Receive the Quest with genocideless conduct intact
#106 No Help From The Floor Receive the Quest with Elberethless conduct intact
#107 It's A Wonderful Trip Receive the Quest with permahallu conduct intact
#108 Silent World Receive the Quest with permadeaf conduct intact
#109 Keep Your Fancy Toys Receive the Quest with artifactless conduct intact
#110 New Dungeon, Never Occupied Receive the Quest with bonesless conduct intact
#111 Extradimensionally Challenged Receive the Quest with swapchestless conduct intact
#112 Fur Allergy Receive the Quest with petless conduct intact
#113 Death Isn't So Cheap Receive the Quest with survivor conduct intact
#114 Breaking and Entering Enter a vault
#115 Who Was That David Person Anyway? Enter a treasure zoo
#116 Absolute Monarchy Enter a throne room
#117 They're After Me Lucky Charms Enter a leprechaun hall
#118 Hive Mind Enter a beehive
#119 Day of the Dead Enter a graveyard
#120 Team a Headquarters Enter an anthole
#121 Halt, Who Goes There? Enter a barracks
#122 Dungeon Ecology Enter a swamp
#123 Statue Showcase Enter a cockatrice nest
#124 Ocean's Eleven Enter Fort Ludios
#125 Pilgrim Visit every type of aligned altar
#126 The Grand Tour Visit each high altar on the Astral Plane
#127 All You Ever Wanted Get a wish from every wish source
#128 Hyperliterate Read every readable item in the game (scroll, book, coin, T-shirt, apron, magic marker, candy bar, credit card, fortune cookie)
#129 Bomb Squad Untrap all 8 types of traps that can be untrapped
#130 Balanced Diet Eat one of each type of produce in one game
#131 Smorgasbord Eat every type of food in the game
#132 Extreme Omnivore Eat an object from every common, edible object class
#133 Ultimate Polearm Geek Collect one of each of the 12 types of polearm
#134 Go Forth and Smite Receive an artifact gift from your deity
#135 Too Little Too Late Get a sacrifice gift on the Astral Plane
#136 Some Watery Tart Be gifted Excalibur
#137 Superfood Gain strength by eating royal jelly
#138 You Are What You Eat Gain an intrinsic by eating a corpse (or tin or glob)
#139 Magivore Gain a magical intrinsic by eating a piece of jewelry
#140 Stunning Flavor Get stunned by eating bat meat
#141 Wasn't a Meal, Wasn't Ready, And You Shouldn't Have Eaten It Eat a military ration
#142 Tastes Like Chicken Eat chickatrice or cockatrice meat
#143 Heroes' Feast Eat at least 3 artifacts
#144 Buzzing With Energy Gain at least 5 max Pw by eating corpses
#145 Culinary Experience Gain a level by eating a tripe ration
#146 The Omelet of Yendor With 3 eggs, spinach, wolfsbane, garlic, eucalyptus, violet fungus, oil, and a dented pot all at once, put on an apron and wield a knife
#147 Pet Whisperer Tame a monster by feeding it
#148 Beast Master Tame a monster without using food
#149 Shifty Tame a shapeshifter in any way
#150 Cat Lady Tame seven "f" in the course of one game
#151 Monkey Business Tame a monkey or ape by giving it a banana
#152 Best Friends Forever Take your starting pet to full adulthood
#153 Pet Rescue Free a pet from a trap that you didn't create yourself
#154 Distinction Without a Difference Polymorph a pet using a polytrap
#155 Tenacious Companion Have a pet survive all the way to the Astral Plane that you brought into the Plane of Earth
#156 Those Who Came Before Sight another player's bones pile
#157 Imitation Bones Step onto the Rogue level fake bones pile
#158 Double Bones Encounter two bones piles on a single level
#159 Mr. Bones' Wild Ride Find the bones of four former heroes in one game
#160 Civilized Cooking Open a tin with a tin opener
#161 Exotic Meat Tin a unique monster
#162 Tinned Out Use up a tinning kit
#163 Reincarnation Cancelled "Feel less hassled" after blocking a troll's revival attempt
#164 Well... Bye Prevent a Rider from resurrecting
#165 Only Mostly Dead Resurrect a corpse
#166 Necromancer Resurrect a fallen pet and have it return tame
#167 Asudem Revive Perseus
#168 So Thou Thought Thou Couldst Resurrect Me Resurrect the Wizard of Yendor
#169 Insert Quarter to Continue Get life-saved
#170 Always Talk to the Wise Old Man Chat with Izchak
#171 Dungeon Economics Buy or sell something at a shop
#172 Conspicuous Consumption Buy an unidentified gem from a shop
#173 The Art of the Deal Bankrupt a shopkeeper by getting all their money
#174 Stop, Thief! Be chased by the Keystone Kops
#175 The Last Chance Outpost Visit a shop at or below level 20
#176 Money Talks Bribe a demon lord with at least 25000 gold
#177 The Negotiator Successfully bribe a demon lord with 1 zorkmid
#178 Look the Other Way Successfully bribe a mercenary
#179 A Little Light Larceny Get robbed by a nymph
#180 Pot of Greed Have your purse lightened by a leprechaun
#181 The Birds and the Bees Dally with a foocubus
#182 Hello, Nurse! Get a nurse to heal you or raise your max HP
#183 Tin Foil Hat Dodge a brainsucking attack
#184 Who You Gonna Call? Get scared by a ghost
#185 Heisenberg Become uncertain about your position or velocity
#186 Yoink! Have the Amulet of Yendor stolen from you
#187 Indulgences Buy protection from a priest
#188 Orthodoxy Convert an altar
#189 Potions of Booze Cost More Than That Get two bits for an ale from a priest
#190 Fumata Bianca Get a priest to grow up into a high priest
#191 Get Flashed Learn an item's beatitude from an altar
#192 The Royal Treatment Sit on a throne
#193 It'll Turn Up Later Drop a ring in a sink
#194 Isaac Newton Get fruit by kicking a tree
#195 Not The Bees Get bees by kicking a tree
#196 Wash it Clean Uncurse an item in a fountain
#197 Well-Read Learn a level 5+ spell
#198 Hand Crafted Make a dragon scale mail
#199 The Most Dangerous Game Catch a monster in a trap set by you
#200 Foobear Catch a bearish monster in a bear trap you set
#201 Liberated Get yourself unpunished
#202 It's Called That For a Reason Come to earth by levitating over a sink
#203 Scribe Write a scroll with a magic marker
#204 First Edition Write a spellbook
#205 Dragon Rider Ride a dragon
#206 Shimmer Erosionproof an item
#207 They Like Shiny Things Throw a gem at a unicorn
#208 Buried Treasure Dig up a grave not in a graveyard
#209 Movers and Shakers Cause an earthquake
#210 Snake Charmer Pacify a snake with a flute
#211 Right Back at Ya Hit an enemy with an indirect strike from a thrown boomerang
#212 It Burnsss Deal silver damage to a silver-hating monster
#213 Arrakis Make a crysknife
#214 Obligatory Pointy Hat Put on a cornuthaum as a wizard
#215 Hobbit Skin Wear a mithril coat
#216 The Words of the Prophets Read 3 random graffiti
#217 Are You Still Pudding Farming Split a pudding
#218 Wearable Snack Wear a meat ring
#219 Frozen Treats Loot an ice box
#220 Six Pack Stock an ice box with 6 or more potions of booze
#221 Pygmalion Create a monster from a figurine
#222 Nerd Read a spellbook while wearing lenses and a T-shirt
#223 Recharged Charge an object
#224 Get Your Kicks Kick an item embedded in a wall or rock
#225 Spiderman Grab an item with a grappling hook
#226 More Light Refill the Candelabrum after it burns out after the Invocation
#227 Fill 'Er Up Fill an oil lamp with a potion of oil
#228 Chemistry 101 Alchemize two potions in an established recipe
#229 Escape to Discworld Read a Terry Pratchett novel
#230 Near Death Experience Chat with Death while carrying a Terry Pratchett novel
#231 Prize Inside! Get a spellbook by breaking a randomly-generated statue
#232 Ding-a-Ling Summon a nymph by ringing a cursed bell
#233 Diver Down Dive into a moat or pool and retrieve an item from the bottom
#234 Ceiling Clinging Commute Ride a wumpus over water
#235 Collapse the Wavefunction Open the box containing Schroedinger's Cat
#236 I'm Free! I'm Free! Free a prisoner
#237 Spam, Spam, Spam Read a scroll of mail
#238 Gender Swap Put on an amulet of change
#239 Gender Bender Change gender two or more times
#240 Motherhood Lay an egg
#241 Father Figure Hatch an egg not laid by you and have it come out tame
#242 Shafted Fall down a shaft
#243 Horatius at the Bridge Extinct soldiers or Keystone Kops
#244 Who's That Pretty Girl in the Mirror, There? Deflect a nymph with a mirror
#245 Under New Management Change your alignment by any means
#246 Groundhog Day Return to a forgotten level
#247 Tainted Dip an item in unholy water
#248 Hydrochloric Dissolve iron bars with acid
#249 Predictably, Nothing Happens Break an identified wand of nothing
#250 Wanton Waste Break an identified wand of wishing with at least 1 charge
#251 Neutralized Cancel a monster
#252 Panacea Neutralize a harmful potion with a unicorn horn
#253 Croesus Competitor Finish a game carrying at least 50000 gold
#254 Croesus Buyout Finish a game carrying at least 100000 gold
#255 Palantir Successfully apply a crystal ball
#256 Peak Condition Raise all attributes to at least 18
#257 Replacement Goldfish Cast create familiar
#258 Pop the Question Give a ring of adornment to a succubus
#259 No Soup For You! Get permanently expelled from the Quest
#260 Discerning Palate Gain intrinsic food appraisal
#261 Banishing Spells Not Included Summon a demon lord
#262 Dust to Dust Wrest one last charge from a wand of wishing
#263 Teetotaler Neutralize a potion of booze with an amethyst
#264 Spooky Scary Skeletons Get scared by the rattling of a skeleton
#265 Gullible Get out of trouble by successfully lying to a vault guard
#266 Luck of the Grasshopper Reach +13 Luck
#267 Murphy's Law Reach -13 Luck
#268 Looking Slick Grease a piece of armor
#269 The Deathly Hallows Wield a wand of death while wearing an invisibility cloak and amulet of life saving
#270 Indiana Jones Disarm a monster with a bullwhip
#271 Minesweeper Disarm all land mines in Fort Ludios without blowing any up
#272 007 Unlock something with a credit card
#273 Bob Ross Release a picture-painting demon from a camera
#274 Got No Talent Scare something by playing music
#275 Cookie Monster Read a fortune without eating its cookie
#276 Say Hello To My Evil Friend Have a non-guaranteed demon lord gated in or summoned
#277 Make your Mark Engrave with an athame
#278 One Hit KO Deal a monster its maximum HP or more of damage (minimum 20)
#279 Drink It To The Next Level Level up by drinking from a sink
#280 You're About To Die, You Scrub Get a special message saying you're about to die, you scrub
#281 Extinctionist Lite Perform genocide 5 or more times
#282 Dudley's Hero Extinct newts
#283 Ice Jesus Walk on top of lava unharmed
#284 Rare Loot Acquire an athame that was generated in the inventory of a lich
#285 Boy Scout Complete Sokoban without incurring any penalties for rule-breaking
#286 Sounds Hollow Reveal a secret door with a stethoscope
#287 Unorthodox Exit Reach the Planes via quaffing
#288 Paddling Pool Create pools from a fountain
#289 Practical Joke Have a tin blow up in your face
#290 Amon Hen Get either of the two "vision" effects from sitting on a throne
#291 Detonator Explode a large box or chest
#292 Lightbringer Light up at least 20 dark rooms in the Dungeons of Doom
#293 Cosmic Bungee Cord Get sent back a total of 15 or more levels by the mysterious force
#294 No Rulez Remove all watchmen from Minetown
#295 Packing Light Successfully store a bag of holding inside another bag of holding
#296 Shoo Off Make a monster of difficulty 5 or more escape the dungeon
#297 What Have I Unleashed Make a demon lord escape the dungeon
#298 Walking Bullseye Have +30 AC
#299 Tanking It Have -50 AC
#300 Doorstopper Have a door resist 8 consecutive times when trying to open or close it
#301 Practically Permanent Have more than 10,000 turns of a temporary intrinsic
#302 This One Goes To +8 Successfully enchant a weapon to +8 or higher
#303 Glowy Blue Upgrade Successfully increase the enchantment on your weapon
#304 Blasters' Handbook Blow up a boulder with a land mine
#305 Loew Life Create a golem from a pile of objects
#306 Never Tell Me the Odds Successfully cast a spell with a failure rate of 95% or greater
#307 Archmage Successfully cast a level 7 spell
#308 Leeroy Jenkins Cross the Castle drawbridge threshold within 30 turns of entering the level for the first time
#309 Chocoban Acquire a candy bar generated in Sokoban
#310 Thirst For Punishment Drink all harmful types of potion (conf, blind, paral, hallu, sleep, booze, sick, acid)
#311 The Full Elven Deck yourself out in 5 pieces of +7 elven armor, then wield a +7 elven weapon
#312 Drained and Regained Restore at least 3 lost levels with a single potion
128 out of 323 achievements attained

Unique Deaths

1 killed by Chromatic Dragon
2 killed by Yeenoghu
3 killed by a ape
4 killed by a blast of frost
5 killed by a coyote
6 killed by a housecat
7 killed by a leocrotta