The November Nethack Tournament

Do you love to play NetHack?

Want to show everyone your personal prowess?

Join a clan and team up to accomplish feats too hard for a single player?

Or just mess around and see how many different ways you can get yourself killed?

Then come join us in November for a month of NetHacking fun.

  The tournament starts in The tournament ends in The tournament is over; see you all next November on !

How to Play

You will need an SSH client to connect to the game servers. Linux and Mac OS typically come with this installed; Windows users can use either a free client like PuTTY or Windows Subsystem for Linux.

TNNT is hosted by Connect to "" via SSH, and register an account. Then, you can choose any of three servers to play on:

Connect to your preferred server the same way via SSH and select the TNNT game option. That's all there is to it! If you'd like to play with the TNNT tileset, or you're at a location that blocks everything except web access, check out our hterm page, you can play this way from any of the three servers listed above.

To create, join, or manage clans, go here. Clan membership (creating and joining) will be frozen after November 10th!

More Information

For more general information on NetHack, check out Wikipedia, the NetHackWiki, and The Greatest Game You Will Ever Play.

TNNT-related in-game commands include:

For more information about the TNNT tournament, see the About page and Rules page.

Live game events via Twitter feed! Be sure to check out and follow our TNNT Twitter Feed to stay current.

TNNT chat discussion happens on the Libera.Chat IRC server, on the #tnnt and #hardfought channels. All TNNT discussion is on-topic in these channels, and this is the best way to reach the admins if you have any issues. Click here to open the chat. Enter "#tnnt" for the channel.

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