The November Nethack Tournament


general information
clan OK.
total games 340
games ascended 2
games over 1000 turns 16
games scummed 5
ascension ratio 0.59%
distinct achievements 207
unique deaths 187


name character turns score duration endtime conducts
aosdict Wiz-Hum-Fem-Neu 53796 3320094 16 days, 1:54:12 Nov. 29, 2021, 7:40 p.m. 4 self artw surv bone
aosdict Rog-Orc-Fem-Cha 64861 3311658 8 days, 16:38:51 Nov. 10, 2021, 11:25 p.m. 3 self artw bone


name character turns score duration endtime death reason
aosdict Arc-Dwa-Mal-Law 120 2085 0:01:02 Nov. 30, 2021, 11:59 p.m. killed by a red naga
aosdict Arc-Dwa-Mal-Law 57 374 0:00:14 Nov. 30, 2021, 11:58 p.m. killed by a kobold lord
aosdict Arc-Dwa-Mal-Law 67 504 0:00:28 Nov. 30, 2021, 11:58 p.m. killed by a raven
aosdict Arc-Dwa-Mal-Law 91 580 0:01:10 Nov. 30, 2021, 11:57 p.m. killed by a soldier ant
aosdict Arc-Dwa-Mal-Law 160 1903 0:01:35 Nov. 30, 2021, 11:56 p.m. killed by an ettin mummy
aosdict Arc-Dwa-Mal-Law 164 822 0:01:09 Nov. 30, 2021, 11:54 p.m. killed by a hallucinogen-distorted cockatrice
aosdict Arc-Dwa-Mal-Law 55 353 0:00:19 Nov. 30, 2021, 11:53 p.m. killed by a wererat
aosdict Arc-Dwa-Mal-Law 73 508 0:00:27 Nov. 30, 2021, 11:53 p.m. killed by a hobbit
aosdict Arc-Dwa-Mal-Law 130 524 0:01:50 Nov. 30, 2021, 11:52 p.m. killed by a giant rat
aosdict Arc-Dwa-Mal-Law 215 4150 0:02:17 Nov. 30, 2021, 11:51 p.m. killed by a gremlin


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Achievement Description
Ringing in My Ears Get the Bell of Opening
Feel the Burn Enter Gehennom
Emerging Into the Light Get the Candelabrum of Invocation
Weighing of the Heart Get the Book of the Dead
Bell, Book and Candle Perform the invocation ritual
My Preciousss Get the Amulet of Yendor
From the Dungeon they Came Enter the Elemental Planes
The Halls of the Gods Enter the Astral Plane
Are You Feeling Lucky Get the luckstone from Mines' End
Boulder Pusher Finish Sokoban
Anti-Stoner Kill Medusa
Back to Civilisation Step onto the Minetown altar
Sage Advice Consult the Oracle
The Archetypal Hero Get admitted to the Quest
Musical Mastermind Learn the passtune
Orpheus Activate a drawbridge with the passtune
Have Fun Storming the Castle Blow up the Castle drawbridge
The Chosen One Get crowned
Watch Your Footing Step onto the vibrating square
It's Dangerous To Go Alone! Take This Put an item into a swap chest
The True Dungeon Masters Chat with an active devteam member
There Is No Spoon Finish the task the devteam requires of you
Thunderdome Defeat the NPC from the NPC Deathmatch quest
Asmodead Kill Asmodeus
Baalzebust Kill Baalzebub
Orcrushed Kill Orcus
Juibl-X Kill Juiblex
Demogorgone Kill Demogorgon
Yee-No-Go Kill Yeenoghu
Geryon-Be-Gone Kill Geryon
Dispater-Dispatcher Kill Dispater
Conqueror of Death Kill Death
Curer of Pestilence Kill Pestilence
Feeder of Famine Kill Famine
Why Won't You DIE Already Kill the Wizard of Yendor 20 or more times
Double Whammy Kill the Wizard of Yendor twice in one action
I Did It For The Money Kill Croesus
Holy War Kill a priest of Moloch
Nine for Mortal Men Doomed to Die ... Again Kill all nine Nazgul
Furious Kill all three erinyes
Minetown Avenger Kill every orc in Orctown
All Clear Kill all hostiles in the Big Room
Master of the Four Elementals Kill at least 4 elementals on their respective home planes
Kill it Twice Destroy a ghost
Dragonslayer Kill a dragon
Playerbanebane Kill a soldier ant
How Much Wood? Kill or tame a woodchuck
Storm the Gates of Heaven Kill an Archon
Death onna Stick Kill a member of 25 different monster species
Bring out your Dead Kill a member of 50 different monster species
Diverse Death-Dealer Kill a member of 100 different monster species
Grim Reaper Kill a member of 200 different monster species
Gotta Kill 'em All Kill a member of all eligible monster species
Learn the Alphabet Kill a monster of each class from a to z
LEARN THE ALPHABET Kill a monster of each class from A to Z (except I)
What It Was Made For Kill a appropriate monster with a Bane weapon
Kop Training Program Kill a monster with a rubber hose
Buffy Destroy an undead with #turn
Bright Light, Bright Light Kill a gremlin with any light source
Get Your Gas Mask Kill a monster with a stinking cloud
It's The Pits Kill something while you are stuck in a pit
Never Saw It Coming Kill an invisible monster without see invisible
Rope-a-Dope Kill a monster with a thrown aklys
Hulk Smash Kill a monster with a heavy iron ball
DIRGE Instakill a monster with poison
Poseidon Kill a sea monster with a trident
Touch It With A 10 Foot Pole Kill a floating eye with a polearm
Bar Brawler Kill a monster with HP damage by smashing a bottle on it
Rat Tail Kill a monster with a wet towel
Hammer of the Gods Kill a monster by throwing Mjollnir and having it return to your hand
Friendly Fire Get a hostile monster killed by another hostile monster's projectile weapon
It's 4:20 Somewhere Stone a monster
Part-time Statue Cure stoning
The Blob Cure sliming
Captain Ahab Survive being grabbed by a sea monster
Furry Little Problem Cure lycanthropy
New Lease on Life Cure deathly illness
Diamond in the Rough Identify a gem with a touchstone
Curse the Darkness Identify a potion of oil by applying it
Michelin Guide Identify both sources of food detection
Jeweler Identify all rings
Mikado Identify all wands
King of Bling Identify all amulets
Bookworm Identify all spellbooks
Scholar Identify all scrolls
Alchemist Identify all potions
Fashionista Identify all non-obvious cloaks, helms, boots, and gloves
Mineralogist Identify every type of valuable gemstone
Geologist Identify all gray stones
Glass Collector Identify all worthless glass
Friends Not Food Receive the Quest with vegetarian conduct intact
Animal Rights Activist Receive the Quest with vegan conduct intact
Anti Gulp Receive the Quest with foodless conduct intact
No Help from Above Receive the Quest with atheist conduct intact
Wax On Wax Off Receive the Quest with weaponless conduct intact
Thou Shalt Not Kill Receive the Quest with pacifist conduct intact
Me No Do Words Good Receive the Quest with illiterate conduct intact
Lost My Transmutation License Receive the Quest with polypileless conduct intact
True to Form Receive the Quest with polyselfless conduct intact
Self Sufficient Receive the Quest with wishless conduct intact
Leave the Artifacts to the Gods Receive the Quest with artifact wishless conduct intact
Feeling Your Way Receive the Quest with zen (permablind) conduct intact
Going Commando Receive the Quest with nudist conduct intact
Make Love, Not War Receive the Quest with genocideless conduct intact
No Help From The Floor Receive the Quest with Elberethless conduct intact
It's A Wonderful Trip Receive the Quest with permahallu conduct intact
Silent World Receive the Quest with permadeaf conduct intact
Keep Your Fancy Toys Receive the Quest with artifactless conduct intact
New Dungeon, Never Occupied Receive the Quest with bonesless conduct intact
Extradimensionally Challenged Receive the Quest with swapchestless conduct intact
Fur Allergy Receive the Quest with petless conduct intact
Death Isn't So Cheap Receive the Quest with survivor conduct intact
Breaking and Entering Enter a vault
Who Was That David Person Anyway? Enter a treasure zoo
Absolute Monarchy Enter a throne room
They're After Me Lucky Charms Enter a leprechaun hall
Hive Mind Enter a beehive
Day of the Dead Enter a graveyard
Team a Headquarters Enter an anthole
Halt, Who Goes There? Enter a barracks
Dungeon Ecology Enter a swamp
Statue Showcase Enter a cockatrice nest
Ocean's Eleven Enter Fort Ludios
Pilgrim Visit every type of aligned altar
The Grand Tour Visit each high altar on the Astral Plane
All You Ever Wanted Get a wish from every wish source
Hyperliterate Read every readable item in the game
Bomb Squad Untrap all 8 types of traps that can be untrapped
Balanced Diet Eat one of each type of produce in one game
Smorgasbord Eat every type of food in the game
Extreme Omnivore Eat an object from every common, edible object class
Go Forth and Smite Receive an artifact gift from your deity
Too Little Too Late Get a sacrifice gift on the Astral Plane
Some Watery Tart Be gifted Excalibur
Superfood Gain strength by eating royal jelly
You Are What You Eat Gain an intrinsic by eating a corpse (or tin or glob)
Magivore Gain a magical intrinsic by eating a piece of jewelry
Batty Get stunned by eating bat meat
Pet Whisperer Tame a monster by feeding it
Beast Master Tame a monster without using food
Shifty Tame a shapeshifter in any way
Cat Lady Tame seven "f" in the course of one game
Best Friends Forever Take your starting pet to full adulthood
Pet Rescue Free a pet from a trap that you didn't create yourself
Distinction Without a Difference Polymorph a pet using a polytrap
Well... Bye Prevent a Rider from reviving
Indulgences Buy protection from a priest
The Royal Treatment Sit on a throne
It'll Turn Up Later Drop a ring in a sink
Orthodoxy Convert an altar
Always Talk to the Wise Old Man Chat with Izchak
Isaac Newton Get fruit by kicking a tree
Not The Bees Get bees by kicking a tree
Dungeon Economics Buy or sell something at a shop
Conspicuous Consumption Buy an unidentified gem from a shop
The Art of the Deal Bankrupt a shopkeeper by getting all their money
Stop, Thief! Be chased by the Keystone Kops
Wash it Clean Uncurse an item in a fountain
Well-Read Learn a level 5+ spell
Hand Crafted Make a dragon scale mail
A Little Light Larceny Get robbed by a nymph
Pot of Greed Have your purse lightened by a leprechaun
The Birds and the Bees Dally with a foocubus
Hello, Nurse! Get a nurse to heal you or raise your max HP
The Most Dangerous Game Catch a monster in a trap set by you
Liberated Get yourself unpunished
It's Called That For a Reason Come to earth by levitating over a sink
Scribe Write a scroll with a magic marker
First Edition Write a book
Dragon Rider Ride a dragon
Shimmer Erosionproof an item
They Like Shiny Things Throw a gem at a unicorn
Civilized Cooking Open a tin with a tin opener
Reincarnation Cancelled Tin a troll or get its corpse to rot
Exotic Meat Tin a unique monster
Tinned Out Use up a tinning kit
Only Mostly Dead Resurrect a corpse
Necromancer Resurrect a fallen pet and have it return tame
Asudem Revive Perseus
So Thou Thought Thou Couldst Resurrect Me Resurrect the Wizard of Yendor
Wasn't a Meal, Wasn't Ready, And You Shouldn't Have Eaten It Eat a military ration
Insert Quarter to Continue Get life-saved
Buried Treasure Dig up a grave not in a graveyard
Movers and Shakers Cause an earthquake
Snake Charmer Pacify a snake with a flute
Tin Foil Hat Dodge a brainsucking attack
Right Back at Ya Hit an enemy with a thrown boomerang
It Burnsss Deal silver damage to a silver-hating monster
Arrakis Make a crysknife
Obligatory Pointy Hat Put on a cornuthaum as a wizard
Hobbit Skin Wear a mithril coat
The Words of the Prophets Read 3 random graffiti
Are You Still Pudding Farming Split a pudding
Wearable Snack Wear a meat ring
Frozen Treats Loot an ice box
Six Pack Stock an ice box with 6 or more potions of booze
Pygmalion Create a monster from a figurine
Nerd Read a spellbook while wearing lenses and a T-shirt
Recharged Charge an object
Get Your Kicks Kick an item embedded in a wall or rock
Spiderman Grab an item with a grappling hook
More Light Refill the Candelabrum after it burns out after the Invocation
Fill 'Er Up Fill an oil lamp with a potion of oil
Chemistry 101 Alchemize two potions in an established recipe
Escape to Discworld Read a Terry Pratchett novel
Near Death Experience #chat to Death while carrying a Terry Pratchett novel
Prize Inside! Get a spellbook by breaking a randomly-generated statue
Ding-a-Ling Summon a nymph by ringing a cursed bell
Diver Dive into a moat or pool and retrieve an item from the bottom
Ceiling Clinging Commute Ride a wumpus over water
Collapse the Wavefunction Open the box containing Schroedinger's Cat
I'm Free! I'm Free! Free a prisoner
Spam, Spam, Spam Read a scroll of mail
Gender Swap Put on an amulet of change
Gender Bender Change gender two or more times
Motherhood Lay an egg
Father Figure Hatch an egg not laid by you and have it come out tame
Shafted Fall down a shaft
Potions of Booze Cost More Than That Get two bits for an ale from a priest
Horatius at the Bridge Extinct soldiers or Keystone Kops
Who's That Pretty Girl in the Mirror, There? Deflect a nymph with a mirror
Money Talks Bribe a demon lord with at least 25000 gold
The Negotiator Successfully bribe a demon lord with 1 zorkmid
Under New Management Change your alignment by any means
Heisenberg Become uncertain about your position or velocity
Who You Gonna Call? Get scared by a ghost
Groundhog Day Return to a forgotten level
Tainted Dip an item in unholy water
Hydrochloric Dissolve iron bars with acid
Predictably, Nothing Happens Break an identified wand of nothing
Wanton Waste Break an identified wand of wishing with at least 1 charge
Neutralized Cancel a monster
Panacea Neutralize a harmful potion with a unicorn horn
Croesus Competitor Finish a game carrying at least 50000 gold
Croesus Buyout Finish a game carrying at least 100000 gold
Palantir Successfully apply a crystal ball
Peak Condition Raise all attributes to at least 18
Those Who Came Before Sight another player's bones pile
Imitation Bones Step onto the Rogue level fake bones pile
Replacement Goldfish Cast create familiar
Pop the Question Give a ring of adornment to a succubus
No Soup For You! Get permanently expelled from the Quest
Discerning Palate Gain intrinsic food appraisal
Banishing Spells Not Included Summon a demon lord
Tastes Like Chicken Eat chickatrice or cockatrice meat
Dust to Dust Wrest one last charge from a wand of wishing
Teetotaler Neutralize a potion of booze with an amethyst
Spooky Scary Skeletons Get scared by the rattling of a skeleton
Gullible Lie to a vault guard about your name
Luck of the Grasshopper Reach +13 Luck
Murphy's Law Reach -13 Luck
Looking Slick Grease a piece of armor
The Deathly Hallows Wield a wand of death while wearing an invisibility cloak and amulet of life saving
Indiana Jones Disarm a monster with a bullwhip
Minesweeper Disarm all land mines in Fort Ludios without blowing any up
007 Unlock something with a credit card
Bob Ross Release a picture-painting demon from a camera
Got No Talent Scare something by playing music
Cookie Monster Read a fortune without eating its cookie
Say Hello To My Evil Friend Have a non-guaranteed demon lord gated in or summoned
Make your Mark Engrave with an athame
One Hit KO Deal a monster its maximum HP or more of damage (minimum 20)
Drink It To The Next Level Level up by drinking from a sink
You're About To Die, You Scrub Get a special message saying you're about to die, you scrub
Extinctionist Lite Genocide 20 or more monster species
Dudley's Hero Extinct newts
Ice Jesus Walk on top of lava unharmed
Rare Loot Acquire an athame that was generated in the inventory of a lich
Boy Scout Complete Sokoban without incurring any penalties for rule-breaking
Sounds Hollow Reveal a secret door with a stethoscope
Unorthodox Exit Reach the Planes via quaffing
Paddling Pool Create pools from a fountain
Purple Rain Get at least 20 enemies eaten by purple worms on the Astral Plane
Heroes' Feast Eat at least 3 artifacts
Practical Joke Have a tin blow up in your face
Amon Hen Get either of the two "vision" effects from sitting on a throne
Off With Her Head! Decapitate an enemy with Vorpal Blade
Detonator Explode a large box or chest
Lightbringer Light up at least 20 dark rooms in the Dungeons of Doom
Cosmic Bungee Cord Get sent back a total of 15 or more levels by the mysterious force
Tenacious Companion Have a pet survive all the way to the Astral Plane that you brought into the Plane of Earth
No Rulez Remove all watchmen from Minetown
Packing Light Successfully store a bag of holding inside another bag of holding
Shoo Off Make a monster of difficulty 5 or more escape the dungeon
What Have I Unleashed Make a demon lord escape the dungeon
Walking Bullseye Have +30 AC
Doorstopper Have a door resist 8 consecutive times when trying to open or close it
207 out of 287 achievements attained

Unique Deaths

1 burned by molten lava
2 caught eirself in eir own ball of lightning
3 caught eirself in eir own burning oil
4 caught eirself in eir own death field
5 caught eirself in eir own fireball
6 caught eirself in eir own magical blast
7 crunched in the head by an iron ball
8 deliberately plunged into a pit
9 dragged downstairs by an iron ball
10 fell into a pit
11 fell into a pit of iron spikes
12 fell onto a sink
13 killed by a Keystone Kop
14 killed by a Kop Lieutenant
15 killed by a Mordor orc
16 killed by a Uruk-hai
17 killed by a Woodland-elf
18 killed by a acidic corpse
19 killed by a acidic glob
20 killed by a alchemic blast
21 killed by a anti-magic implosion
22 killed by a ape
23 killed by a arrow
24 killed by a bat
25 killed by a bear trap
26 killed by a black naga hatchling
27 killed by a black pudding
28 killed by a black unicorn
29 killed by a blast of fire
30 killed by a bolt of cold
31 killed by a bolt of fire
32 killed by a boomerang
33 killed by a boulder
34 killed by a brown mold
35 killed by a bugbear
36 killed by a cadaver
37 killed by a carnivorous bag
38 killed by a cave spider
39 killed by a chameleon imitating a water troll
40 killed by a cobra
41 killed by a cockatrice
42 killed by a contact-poisoned spellbook
43 killed by a contaminated potion
44 killed by a crocodile
45 killed by a devteam member
46 killed by a dingo
47 killed by a dust vortex
48 killed by a dwarf mummy
49 killed by a dwarf zombie
50 killed by a elf mummy
51 killed by a elf zombie
52 killed by a elven arrow
53 killed by a ettin mummy
54 killed by a ettin zombie
55 killed by a exploding ring
56 killed by a explosion
57 killed by a falling object
58 killed by a falling rock
59 killed by a fire ant
60 killed by a fog cloud
61 killed by a fox
62 killed by a gargoyle
63 killed by a garter snake
64 killed by a ghost
65 killed by a ghoul
66 killed by a giant ant
67 killed by a giant bat
68 killed by a giant beetle
69 killed by a giant rat
70 killed by a giant spider
71 killed by a gnome king
72 killed by a goblin
73 killed by a gold golem
74 killed by a grappling hook
75 killed by a green mold
76 killed by a gremlin
77 killed by a grid bug
78 killed by a guard
79 killed by a guardian naga hatchling
80 killed by a hill orc
81 killed by a hobbit
82 killed by a hobgoblin
83 killed by a homunculus
84 killed by a horse
85 killed by a housecat
86 killed by a human mummy
87 killed by a human zombie
88 killed by a ice troll
89 killed by a ice vortex
90 killed by a iguana
91 killed by a imp
92 killed by a incubus
93 killed by a iron ball collision
94 killed by a jackal
95 killed by a jaguar
96 killed by a killer bee
97 killed by a kitten
98 killed by a kobold lord
99 killed by a kobold mummy
100 killed by a large mimic
101 killed by a little dart
102 killed by a little dog
103 killed by a lynx
104 killed by a magic missile
105 killed by a manes
106 killed by a monkey
107 killed by a newt
108 killed by a orange dragon
109 killed by a orc mummy
110 killed by a orc shaman
111 killed by a orcish arrow
112 killed by a owlbear
113 killed by a paper golem
114 killed by a plains centaur
115 killed by a poisonous corpse
116 killed by a pony
117 killed by a priest(ess) of a deity
118 killed by a pyrolisk
119 killed by a python
120 killed by a quivering blob
121 killed by a rabid rat
122 killed by a raven
123 killed by a red mold
124 killed by a red naga
125 killed by a riding accident
126 killed by a rock mole
127 killed by a rock piercer
128 killed by a rothe
129 killed by a sasquatch
130 killed by a scroll of earth
131 killed by a scroll of genocide
132 killed by a sergeant
133 killed by a sewer rat
134 killed by a shattered potion
135 killed by a shopkeeper
136 killed by a small mimic
137 killed by a snake
138 killed by a soldier ant
139 killed by a stalker
140 killed by a stone giant
141 killed by a straw golem
142 killed by a student
143 killed by a succubus
144 killed by a system shock
145 killed by a tengu
146 killed by a titan
147 killed by a troll
148 killed by a umber hulk
149 killed by a vampire bat
150 killed by a violet fungus
151 killed by a wand
152 killed by a water demon
153 killed by a water elemental
154 killed by a water moccasin
155 killed by a werejackal
156 killed by a wererat
157 killed by a winged gargoyle
158 killed by a winter wolf cub
159 killed by a wolf
160 killed by a woodchuck
161 killed by a yeti
162 killed by axing a hard object
163 killed by bumping into a boulder
164 killed by bumping into a door
165 killed by contaminated water
166 killed by eir own axe
167 killed by eir own battle-axe
168 killed by eir own dwarvish mattock
169 killed by eir own pick-axe
170 killed by genocidal confusion
171 killed by jumping out of a bear trap
172 killed by kicking something
173 killed by life drainage
174 killed by sipping boiling water
175 killed by strangulation
176 killed by the Oracle
177 killed by touching The Eye of the Aethiopica
178 killed by touching The Magic Mirror of Merlin
179 killed by touching The Orb of Fate
180 killed by tumbling down a flight of stairs
181 killed eirself with eir bullwhip
182 petrified by trying to tin a cockatrice without gloves
183 poisoned by a rotted corpse
184 slipped while mounting a saddled pony
185 trampled to death by an angry box
186 zapped eirself with a spell
187 zapped eirself with a wand